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This program allows to set up some extra security settings of Windows accounts. Usually such settings are changed by means of a local or group security policy. There are no native tools to change most of these settings in home versions of Windows.

Accounts Tuner - freeware software product. Any person or organization can use this product free of charge. License conditions in details are described in the file LicenseEN.txt which is located in a folder where the program is installed to.

Accounts Tuner may be used on computers with following operating systems: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 6 required), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and later. Both 32- and 64-bit systems supported. Administrator rights required for the program to work.

Note: you can start the program without administrative rights. In this case, you can only examine the settings, their change will be impossible.

Note: the term "Administrator" is understood as the user possessing the rights to change accounts settings. Members of  "Administrators" security group have full rights for this. However, to change some settings there is enough membership of "Accounting operators" security group.

The program interface is simple enough:

The option button in the top part of a window allows to choose management of the local computer or other server connected to the local network. Other server management is possible if any of the following conditions met:

both computers joined the same domain;

there is an account on the server with a name and the password coinciding with a name and the password of your account on the local computer, and this account on the server is administrative account.

The left part of a window contains settings of the accounts which are present on the local computer or a server. The account to set up can be chosen from the "Username" list.

Settings available to change:

Account Disabled - the user will not be able to log on until the account will be enabled by the administrator.

Account Locked - accounts are automatically temporarily locked after some failed logon attempts. This field allows to see locking state and force unlock the account.

Password Required - if this setting enabled, the user will be unable to set up logon without password.

Password Never Expires - password age will be unlimited for this account.

User Can Change Password - if disabled, only administrator will be able to change password of this account.

Other fields in the left part of the screen are for information, their values cannot be changed.

The right part of a window contains common settings for all accounts on the local computer or the server:

Maximal Password Age - after the lapse of this time from the last password change, the user password becomes expired, and at the next logon attempt it will be offered to change it. To disable password expiration on this server, enter 49710 into this field.

Minimal Password Age - the system will not allow the user to change password if the time elapsed since its previous change is less than in this field.

Minimal Password Length - the user will not be able to set password shorter than is designated in this field.

Bad Passwords Before Lockout - number of serial failed logon attempts after which the account is locked.

Lockout Duration - time interval after the lapse of which the locked account unlocks automatically.

Bad Password Timeout - a minimum interval between failed logon attempts at which failed logons counter does not increase, and, thus, account lockout does not happen.

Password History Length - the system does not allow the user to assign the password which was used earlier. This field defines a number of the previous passwords which the system remembers, and not allows to use repeatedly.

Password Expiry Warning - this setting defines an interval of time before password expiration when the system reminds the user of necessity to change password. This setting is for the local computer only.

Numeric settings may be increased or reduced by "+" and "-" keys on the keyboard.

To apply changed settings click "Set" in the appropriate block of settings.

Accounts Tuner supports multiple languages. Program language is selected automatically according to current user interface language (for multi-language OS), operating system language (for single-language Windows 2000 and later), language of user regional settings (for Windows NT). In case Account Tuner does not support this language, English is used.

Current translations included into distributive package:
German - by TheStarGate
Russian - by Sergey Merzlikin

You can add support of additional languages to the program yourself. For this purpose translate into your language the text lines in a file 1033.loc, and save result file as XXXX.loc, where XXXX - the locale code of appropriate language. Locale codes (Microsoft Locale ID) you can get here. If you send to the author of the program prepared by you localization files, they will be added to the distributive package with mentioning of translator. Do not forget to specify your copyright and the contact address in file comments.

Copyright 2010 Sergey Merzlikin