SynchroPass Windows Passwords Synchronizer for peer-to-peer and domain networks

Typical Application
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SynchroPass is designed to work in a various network environment. Typical cases of SynchroPass application explained below.

1. Peer-to-peer network with some Windows NT/2000/2003/2008/2012/XP/Vista/7/8 servers in it. To access these servers the user must have an account on each of these servers, and passwords on each of them must coincide with password on his/her own computer. To keep passwords in sync the user may set up SynchroPass in the following way:

To improve security of peer-to-peer network it is recommended to enable password expiration feature, which is embedded in operating system, but disabled by default. This feature must be enabled for every user of every computer.

2. Domain network, but user's workstation for some reason didn't join domain (for example, "Home" edition of Windows is installed), or the computer is domain member, but user's account is local. To access domain resources the user must have an account in domain with password coincident with password on his/her own computer. SynchroPass for this purpose may be set up this way:

3. Domain network, user's computer is a domain member. The user wants to access resources on a server, which not joined any domain and/or resources in some other domain. In this situation the user must synchronize passwords for his/her own domain account, for account on the peer server and/or for account in foreign domain. SynchroPass configuration in this case looks like this:

Note: it is possible to use both short and full domain names while specifying server and domain names. Using full domain names provides better performance and reliability, but requires presence of properly set up DNS server in the network.